Saturday, March 1, 2008

Some Common Issues

Website Down

1. Domain Accesible from our end
*Check if his IP is blocked in server firewall.
*If not, check if he has changed his DNS recently. If yes, Propagation Delay.
*If not, check .htaccess file for any rules

2. Domain NOT Accessible from our end
*Check if domain is registered
*Check if domain is expired
*Check if Server is down
*Check if WebServer is running : pgrep httpd
*Check if its resolving to correct IP, if not check the NameServers using "whois"
*Check if it has got an entry in httpd.conf file
*Try renaming .htaccess file from its DocumentRoot
*Check if the folder/file permissions are correct

3. Website showing Wrong Page
*Check if its resolving to correct IP(If its recently transfered to a new server)
*Check if it has got Correct DocumentRoot in httpd.conf file
*Check if the IP address we get using host and the Virtualhost entry for domain in httpd.conf file matches
* Try clearing Browser Cache(After an upload)

4. Website showing "Internal Server Error"
*Check for permissions/ownership of index.* file
*Check the permission of parent folders
*Try renaming .htaccess file

5. Error_Log showing
a)No space left on device: Couldn't create accept lock;
This is an issue due to Semaphore Issue.
You can remove the semaphore memory using the below command

ipcs -s | grep nobody | perl -e 'while () { @a=split(/\s+/); print
`ipcrm sem $a[1]`}'

NOTE : replace nobody with your WebServer username. In some cases it can be "apache".
b)mod_security: Access denied with code 403
-This is an issue caused since mod_security module is enabled for Apache
-You need to try disabling mod_security for this domain

c) PHP Warning: mysql_connect() : Access denied for user test@localhost in filename
-Its an issue since the MySQL connection Parameters are not correctly specified
-Open the filename specified on error line and note down the username, password and host given to access the database
-Login as root user to MySQL prompt and give the "grant all" command with the respective username, password, host for the database
d)[client IP] client denied by server configuration: filename
-Its an issue since the particular IP might be denied to access the website
-Open .htaccess in the domains DocumentRoot and look for "deny from" line
-Search for the IP/Network and if found try removing it
-If not resolved, try backing up the .htaccess file


SSL Certificate Error

1.Verifiying the Certificate
*Access the domain using https:// and double click on the lock at Bottom-Right Corner
*Click on View button and verify it to see if the SSL Certificate has got expired
*If its expired goto next step
2.Re-Installing the Certificate
*You can try Installing it from WHM -> "Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain"
*Enter the Domain, Username and IP Address, which will fetch the certificates automatically and click on Submit
*If it fails, get the crt and key from the client
*Once you have got that, login to shell as root user and goto "/usr/share/ssl"
*Now "cd certs" and rename files domain.crt and domain.cabundle to something else
*Now "cd ../private" and rename file domain.key to something else
*Try re-installing the certificate by pasting .crt and .key from what client have send to you
*If its still showing error, ask the client to contact SSL provider and re-issue certificate and key
for the domain



To enable allow_url_fopen for a single account in a server add the following into httpd.conf

php_admin_flag allow_url_fopen On


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